IPC Policy

IPC CertificateWe are living through curious and, for most, very challenging times.  During this pandemic I want to assure you that my primary concern is the health and well-being of us all and as such I’m fully committed to making the treatment and teaching environment as safe as possible.

I’ve included here a list of measures that I take to best protect you, my client, and myself.  These measures are based on advice from the World Health Organisation, the ISRM and the CNHC

What am I doing .. 

  • The studio/treatment room is kept clear of any unnecessary items and is cleaned between client visits using a steam cleaner and disinfectant spray on all high-frequency touch-points like the floor, doors, door handles, seating areas, client storage box, shelves and furniture.
  • Old linen  is removed immediately after a client visit the treatment bed and accessories  are disinfected. I then remove any ppe, wash and use new ppe before preparing the room and installing new couch linen ready for the next client.
  • Alcohol gel is available for use both outside and inside the studio/treatment room
  • Plastic containers are provided for storing personal affects and clothing during client visits.
  • Used linen is washed at high temperature, dried and stored in closed containers.
  • I am providing telephone and/or video (via zoom/whatsApp) appointments so that we can continue with your treatment and self help guidance even when it is not possible for us to meet face to face.  During heightened lockdown guidelines, all appointments will be preceded by a video or telephone call so we can, together, discuss whether a face to face appointment is necessary.

What am I asking you to do … 

  • Please understand that even though you may not, yourself, be concerned or feel at risk from the pathogens (bacterial, fungal, viral) the precautions I’m asking you to adhere to are for protection of all my clients, some of whom are potentially more vulnerable than yourself.
  • Please do not attend your appointment if you are unwell.  Cancellations for these specific reasons will not be charged as long as I am informed in advance.
  • Please wear a mask when government guidelines advise unless you are exempt from doing so.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer provided before entering the studio.
  • Please feel free to use the box that has been provided for your personal possessions during your time inside the treatment room.
  • If you are with me for a one to one movement session (when guidelines permit), please respect social distance recommendations.

In Summary: 

The NHS and WHO websites are resources you can use with regards to current advice.

Your all round health and wellbeing is my business and I take it very seriously.  If you have any concerns or questions at all then please be in touch directly.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Lets thrive together