Stay healthy and bring balance back to your life with Unstoppable Rhythms Pain Relief and Movement Clinic in Theale

Your day to day activities, whether you are relatively sedentary or an elite sports person, have a direct impact on your body.

Conversely, the efficiency of your body has a direct impact on the quality of your performance and enjoyment of your chosen activity.

Whether you are currently feeling the effects of imbalance in your body, experiencing injury and pain or you want to optimise your enjoyment in life, we can help you feel better using soft tissue work (massage, myofascial release, trigger point), movement work (efficient movement, yoga and somatics) and holistic mind and body practices. Any in isolation will benefit you, together they provide you with an effective toolset to attain and then maintain your mind and body in optimum condition.

Everything in life has a rhythm whether that be your heart beat or your running cadence – don’t you want yours to be unstoppable?