Pain relief and movement therapy for life.

Pain Relief and Movement Therapy in Berkshire

Unstoppable Rhythms Pain Relief and Movement Clinic in Theale, Berkshire, provides quality care and treatments using a range of hands on modalities including myofascial release, massage and craniosacral alongside movement efficiency work (functional yoga, somatics, body dynamics) and holistic mind and body practices.

We understand the impact of day to day activities on your body, regardless of whether you are sedentary or an elite athlete, and we also understand how the efficiency of your body has a direct impact on the quality of your performance in life / sport. So whether you are currently experiencing injury / pain or you simply want to optimise your enjoyment in life, we can help you.

Treatments are designed not just to provide therapeutic healing but also to deliver preventative measures to maintain your well-being and provide you with an effective toolset to attain and then maintain your mind and body in optimum condition.

‘Everything in life has a rhythm. Everything cycles. The art of living has much to do with learning to ride the waves’ … Michael Mamas