Soft Tissue Therapy

Treatment Duration Weekday Weekend/BH
Initial consultation & treatment (including postural assessment) 70 minutes £65 £85
Treatment thereafter 60 minutes £55 £75
Treatment thereafter 45 minutes £45 £55
Treatment thereafter 30 minutes £35 £45

There are options to buy session packages making it even more economical for those looking to do regular sessions. Please just contact directly to find what is currently on offer.

Yoga Classes 
Classes are offered both face to face in the halls and online via Zoom.  Make a booking via the booking link on this page or contact me directly to chat about options.

Drop in: Hall £11 per class (space permitting) & Online £6.50
Class block bookings, based around months of the year, are available for those planning to attend regularly and work out very economical at around £9.50 in the halls and £5.50 Online per session.

If you are new to the classes and want to drop in (space permitting) for your first class then the fee for the class will be ofset if you subsequently decide to join for the remainder of the block that you join in.  

There is no need to join at the start of a block, just contact me for further details or if you are joining part way through and we can organise a joining deal. 

Small Group Yoga Classes
Small group sessions are a great way to get a high level of individual attention while offsetting the cost of private yoga sessions and they are by far the best way to progress your own practice.  
The small group and workshop style approach cultivates an environment in which most are comfortable to ask questions and which allows me to tailor the sessions to your specific needs from life performance to sports performance. 
Location: Sessions of up to 4 are run in the Theale Studio.  If the group is larger than 4 then bookings are made in a hall and will command a small extra fee to cover the cost (typically £4 per individual)
Times : By arrangement
Numbers : By arrangement 
Cost : Typically £20 per session for a group of 4.  

If you are interested then please contact me to discuss options.

Private Yoga Sessions
Private Lessons are tailored to your specific needs and are available for individuals in my studio here in Theale or in the comfort of your own home via Zoom.

Session Duration Weekday Weekend/BH
Initial One2One Session (includes functional assessment) 70 minutes £55 £75
One2one Session 60 minutes £50 £65
One2one Session 75 – 90 minutes £65 £75
One 2 ‘more’ Session 60 – 90 minutes Add £10 per extra person

N.B.The prices stated are typical but may vary depending on requirements. Please contact me directly for specific quotes.
Payment can be made by card, cash, cheque or direct bank transfer (details on request)
Please note that  48 hours notice (72 hours if the appt is for a Monday) must be given if a scheduled appointment is cancelled. Unfortunately if you don’t give enough notice, you will be charged for 50% of the cost of the session.  No shows or repeated cancellations will be due the full amount.