DSC_356What do I need to bring?
Yourself and an open mind! If you continue to practice you will want a yoga mat of your own but there is no need initially if you are new to yoga. Bring a water bottle and warm clothing for relaxation.

What should I wear?
Wear clothes that you are comfortable in, that will work if you get sweaty (quite likely) and that won’t get in the way or fall down as you move around or if you are upside down (which you may be).

I’ve never done yoga before, does that matter?
Not at all. Sometimes a class will be specifically marked as for intermediates or advanced yogis, but if not then they are open to beginners. Yoga is about listening to your own body and that may mean that you take more time in the recovery postures in your early practice. We all have to start somewhere and making sure you are comfortable with the practice is my job so if in doubt about something, just ask me!

Isn’t yoga for girls?
Yoga is an ancient practice originally used by warriors to fine tune their physical and mental abilities. Tell them yoga is for girls!

The scientific data supporting the previously anecdotal benefits of yoga is growing supporting it’s use as a tool to improve performance in all walks of life.

I’m not flexible, does it matter?
Yoga isn’t simply about flexibility. It may well improve flexibility, but this is only one aspect of the practice. It’s all about balance! As an example I have people attend class with hyper mobility in their joints. Here we work on holding back from their full range of movement and improve the strength of the supporting muscles around the joints to prevent injury and issues further down the line.

Besides, even if it was all about flexibility, would you go to a language class if you already were fluent in the language?

Is there an upper age limit for the classes?
Not at all. My style of teaching adapts to the students that turn up on the day and throughout the classes, modifications and alternatives will be offered to accommodate experience and physical difficulties. The practice will always be appropriate for your level.

Often I come to class straight from work and the last time I’ve eaten is lunch! Can I eat before Yoga class?
Depending where you look you will find a different answer to this question. Ideally, as with most activities, you wouldn’t eat a large meal within 2 hours of the start of a class. However, if your blood sugar levels are too low you will find it harder to focus and may even feel a little light headed so eating a light snack in the hour leading up to a class is fine. I personally like bananas, pears, almonds or even a small piece of dark chocolate (yes I did say chocolate :o)) … that keeps my blood sugar sorted until the end of class.