karuna yoga flow


Yoga is an ancient practice with a very modern day application. Practiced regularly it will improve our body’s strength and flexibility, redress physical imbalances that our lives create and calm our minds leaving us energised and ready to take on the world (or maybe just the household chores :o))

Yoga is for anybody and everybody and that includes you!

Daily life throws up an array of challenges that can, when they catch you off guard, bring stress to your life. Yoga brings a balance to body and mind that will help you ‘spend’ your available energy where it matters and to let go where it doesn’t.

Regardless of your ability, age or experience, you will be welcomed into any of the group classes (see classes) which are based around Theale and Newbury, Berkshire.  No need to have your own equipment either, everything can be provided so you simply need to bring yourself!

If, however, you don’t feel like a group class is right for you or if you have a particular concern e.g. health issues, or simply if you would like a session tailored to your individual needs to get noticeable benefits much quicker, then why not contact me to organise a one to one session either in the comfort of your own home or here in Theale.

Maybe you know a group of friends who would like to learn and practice together? Small groups can be a great way of finding the balance between cost and getting that individually tailored session. These sessions will build your own practice and build your support network at the same time. Contact me for details.