Treatment FAQ

What does the assessment involve?
The first part of any treatment will be to discuss the reason you have come for treatment. So that we can get a better understanding of what the problem may be and what any contributing factors are I will ask you questions about any health issues you may have, medications you are taking, your lifestyle and previous injuries. We will also talk about what you are hoping to achieve from your visit.
Following this I will assess your posture, ranges of movement and pain levels in order that I may gather more information on any issues you may have and how best to treat them. I will fully explain at all points during the assessment and treatment exactly what I am doing and why. Hopefully you’ll find the experience as educational as it will be helpful physically!

What does the treatment involve?
Treatment is a manual therapy during which varying techniques may be used, depending on the outcome of the assessment, including deep tissue massage, muscle energy techniques, neuro muscular techniques and active/ passive stretching. The pressure can often be quite deep and may cause some discomfort but should never be too painful.
The treatment is likely to be a mixture of seated, standing, lying on your back on the couch (supine), on your front (prone) or on your side. Many techniques involve your participation to move limbs/parts of your body. Towels are used to protect your modesty/keep you warm, and if required, I will use either massage lotion or oil to lubricate your skin whilst massaging (I will ask if you have any allergies that might affect which lubricant I use). If at any time you feel uncomfortable, you only need to let me know so that I can alter the treatment accordingly – it is your treatment.

I’ve heard that Sports Massage can be really painful, is this true?
Yes and No. You will often hear people associating Sports Massage with ‘pain’ and you even hear some people say ‘I went to this sports masseur – it was GREAT, I couldn’t walk or talk for 3 days, but it was brilliant” Sports Massage does not HAVE to be sore to be effective! Basically if you have a particularly problematic, overused or tight area of your body then needless to say, working on it MAY be painful. But that does not mean that it MUST be painful to be effective!! Our approach is NOT to make the massage hurt just for the sake of urban myth, but to ensure that the desired effect, healing and recuperation of muscles can be achieved.

I have a cold/sore throat, can I still be massaged?
NO. This is what we call a general contra-indication as it is a viral infection. Massage stimulates circulation and can help to spread infection around the body.

Do I need consent from my GP or other Medical Practitioner?
As part of the initial assessment any local or general contra-indications will be identified or other medical issues will be identified. In the event of anything preventing treatment, Medical Consent will then be advised before proceeding.

What ARE contra-indications?
Local contra-indications are things like bruises, recent scar tissue, sprained ankle etc. And wouldn’t prevent treatment – caution will be taken to avoid the area. General contra-indications are more severe and treatment can only take place with Medical consent from your GP or other Health Practitioner. Examples of this are High Blood Pressure, pregnancy in the first 16 weeks or colds/flu virus. Call in advance of your appointment if you are in doubt.

What happens after treatment?
Home rehab/strengthening/stretching can have a real impact on the long term benefits for your body, and I will provide you with a few exercises post treatment. Depending on the outcome of the session, I will also advise you on any further actions needed to complete your treatment.

What do I wear?
It is recommended you wear clothing that is easily removed or repositioned. Many clients feel comfortable in their underwear however modesty is maintained at all times by using towels to cover the body. You will only be asked to remove clothing where they limit access to the area of the body that is being treated.
Under certain circumstances it is possible to treat without removing items of clothing and if this is something of concern to you then please call me to discuss.

Is there anything I should do after a Sports Massage?
Rest and drink plenty of water!! Your muscles may be a little sore afterwards, especially the first time as they may not be used to being massaged. Sports Massage can release toxins stored in your muscles into your bloodstream, and it is not uncommon for clients who do not drink plenty of water to feel a slight headache or very thirsty later that day. I normally advise that a patient should refrain from any vigorous exercise for 24 hours as your body will need to integrate the changes that have taken place as a result of the massage. Listen to your body, if it feels like it needs a day off, give it one!

After my massage, I have been told NOT to drink alcohol. Why not?
If you intend to consume alcohol post-massage then I would advise booking at a more convenient time. The reason for this is because massage will raise core temperature by the stimulation of circulation, muscular systems and increased lymphatic function. Drinking alcohol also raises internal core temperature so the combination of the two is NOT recommended.

What if I have questions/concerns?
If you have any concerns or questions before, during or after treatments please feel free to contact me. If in doubt ask!