sports yoga

marmotteAre you looking to improve your performance in a particular sport or activity? Then Sports Yoga could well be for you. Whether you are an elite athlete looking for that elusive competitive edge or an enthusiastic amateur simply looking to increase your enjoyment of your chosen activity, the thoughtful integration of yoga can help.

Of course, any yoga will provide benefit to your training if performed with the right focus and guidance! However, Sports Yoga will take it to a whole different level for you by bringing together your own unique challenges (polite for where you are falling short of your goals :D), the physical and mental requirements of your sport and your, often challenged, time availability.

Sports Yoga can benefit your training by building a stronger, sharper, more fluid and balanced body by

  • maximizing aerobic capacity and endurance
  • improving movement efficiency
  • maximizing structural stability strength and power
  • minimizing injury risk
  • expediting recovery
  • and fitting around your life and training schedule with the minimal of time commitment!

You’ll learn how to use yoga to address the unique demands of your activity balanced against your individual goals whether that be improving performance (movement efficiency, breathing and focus), reducing injury risk or optimizing training and racing.

We all have unique physical and mental profiles and goals in relation to our sport and consequently I find the best results are achieved on a one to one basis where we can design a program specifically for you. Sports Yoga is a practical, functional style and sessions feature a blend of flexibility and core strength work with supplementary breathing or mental training techniques if required.

If you feel a one to one isn’t for you but would like to benefit from Sports Yoga, we can also run small groups focusing on a particular sport.  This can be a cost effective way to find out it Sports Yoga is for you!

If you are involved in a club or team, why not organise a workshop with me to get a taster session and more in depth understanding of what Sports Yoga involves.