Class Timetable


You simply can’t beat being in the same hall as a teacher to maximize the benefits you get from your yoga class!  If however you are either unable to get one of the limited hall slots or you prefer to practice in your own space then there are a number of livestreamed yoga classes on Zoom each month, normally on a Friday.  Please see the BOOKING PAGE for dates and availability. 

If you are booking for a class in the hall, please be aware that while we can provide cleaned equipment on request, it is recommended that you bring your own mat and equipment where possible.  Obviously you won’t be buying equipment if you are new to the practice but once you decide let me know and I can advise on a good starting point.

For further information or to find out about 1 to 1 tailored sessions built around your needs (e.g. rehab, sports performance or simply because a group session doesn’t work for you) please contact us directly at or on 07763 292 050

Monday Evening1800 – 1910Yoga for Functional Alignment & Movement EfficiencyBVH*
Thursday Morning1015 – 1125Karuna Yoga RhythmsBVH*
Friday Evening1800 – 1900Yoga for Functional Alignment & Movement Efficiency ONLINEZOOM

*Beenham Victory Hall, Beenham, Reading RG7 5NT
If you you have any questions or concerns then please don’t hesitate to get in touch at or call on 07763 292 050.