what’s in a yoga kit


Yoga MatsI get asked a lot what mat/kit/blocks to buy! I buy most of my products from Ruth White Yoga Products so that is where most of my recommendations are coming from.

In what I would call an order of importance this is what a kit might look like…

  1. Mat (Premier Yoga Mat this is a good value for quality mat)
  2. Blanket is the most adaptable piece of kit used for padding, rolled up to support sitting/kneeling and obviously provides warmth in recovery. You don’t need a specific yoga one, so go crazy and grab what you have!
  3. Strap/Belt (Classic Yoga Belt)
  4. Blocks x 2 (Recycled Foam Blocks ) These are the ones I use in my personal practice.
  5. Brick x 2 ( Natural Cork Brick ) Again, these are the ones I choose for my own practice.
  6. Zafu. (Zafu) Also know as a mediation cushion, this is one bit of kit I drag everywhere.
  7. Bolster. (Bolster) Great for lots of supported work (and just lounging on).  I personally prefer the buckwheat ones.
  8. Neon Yoga Leggins. OK … just kidding … just checking if you read this far 😜

Other than that you just need a big bag or trailer to get it all to class in if you are coming to hall!