yoga on demand

This is a monthly subscription service (although there are few freebies in here if you go foraging for them) that you can join either in isolation or because it comes with any of the monthly in person class subscriptions.

Here’s a short introduction to help you to get started, including information about finding space to practice and the equipment you’ll need. Remember that you can always improvise with items from your home if you don’t have all of the equipment.

Try to ‘listen’ to instructions and rely less on watching the videos,  this will help your alignment and also help you with your own introceptive sense of what the postures feel like for you rather than striving to achieve what you are seeing.  Please remember to listen to your body and rest when you need to rest. Yoga shouldn’t feel painful. If you ever feel any discomfort or pain, please come out of the pose. If you have a pre-existing injury or condition, please consult your doctor before starting.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always write in the comments section below the class or contact me directly.


what is your challenge? …

Challenge with thunderbolt pose (kneeling / Vajrasana)?

Anytime Stretch (26mins)